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Our Project Management Team

Quality Project Management is absolutely key to Translation Operations. Every member of our TransTrans Project Management Team is a highly educated linguist specially trained by us to meet each and all requirements. Since we like to partner our clients in the successful conclusion of their translation projects they can expect advice, consultancy as well as practical help in the most expeditious way to complete their important projects. This builds relationships which in turn breeds trust – a vital commodity and the reason why we are highly regarded and seen as one of the World’s specialist suppliers of Translations and localisation to Market Research Industry.

The project managers are effective communicators, they have a solid knowledge of translation software and they are able to overcome challenges quickly.

Take time to deliberate; but when the time for action arrives, stop thinking and go in.

Andrew Jackson

Our In-Country Translators

The selection of the Translators we use is vested in the Vendor Management Hub based in Sofia, Bulgaria. This was at the very beginning of our inception a vital investment, and we still cut no corners in the sourcing and identification of this, our most important resource. No provider can enter into our elite database until they have been thoroughly vetted.  It’s not just about their language skills, nor is it their educational qualifications we look at but critically their past experience and their subject matter specialisms.

Advertising people who ignore research are as dangerous as generals who ignore decodes of enemy signals.

David Ogilvy


TransTrans offers its clients quite naturally a full range language service.

It is commonly known that the same language with local variations is frequent in many countries – Spanish – Latin American, German – Austrian, French – Quebecois are just a few examples. TransTrans’ approach to this is to take the master translation and localise this into the countries required. Since there will already exist a proof-read translation, we will then edit/localise to suit the target country on a ‘per hour’ basis. This will often save our clients time and lots of money.

Languages are a living thing as buzz words, sayings, slang, technology and the media all contribute to the ever-changing life of a language. That’s why we absolutely insist on using translators and proof-readers who reside locally, maintaining as they do through constant local exposure the regular application of their own language.

Languages are a living thing and many things contribute to the ever changing life of a dialect which is why we insist that our practitioners must live in-country.

Furthermore, a quality language service demands that one must take into account the target audience. Formal address is often demanded when focusing a survey for example on professional people. On the other hand, children and young people can be spoken to informally in a manner which can only maximise the use and value of a survey.

TransTrans understands and applies all these factors. We will not cut corners nor bend any linguistic rules to uphold what we believe to be true language quality.

Languages are a living thing, buzz words, sayings, slang, technology and the media all contribute to the ever-changing life of a language.

T.S. Eliot

TransTrans specialise in market research and work with a wide variety of market sectors, producing the highest quality translations services. We currently successfully supply to the following sectors.

About Us


"TransTrans has been the main translations provider for our company for the past 6 years. I wouldn't dream of changing them! They offer professional and customised services, perfect for our needs." Client (Europe)

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