View Checklist For Survey Translation

Checklist For Survey Translation

As many of you will know, our team have specialised in market research translations for decades. And you may be forgiven for thinking how this can ‘translate’ – forgive the pun – into accurate translations in other sectors. Well, market research translations are technically challenging, and the dangers of inaccuracy are high. Having delivered thousands…

View Challenges of Medical Translations

Challenges of Medical Translations

Firstly, it’s important to note that, in an ever-connected world, there are many translations agencies selling medical translations. This is the first and potentially the largest problem. It’s a field that demands unwavering accuracy. The language will be technical, and the nature of the translation means it is often vital to patient health. This means…

View Expand Your E-Commerce Business With Confidence

Expand Your E-Commerce Business With Confidence

If you’re planning to sell your product or service abroad, there are certain things that you need to consider when it comes to your digital communications and e-commerce translations to make the launch a resounding success. The chances are that if you’re considering expanding into another country, then you’ve probably made a success of selling…

View It’s Not Just a Different Language That Different Countries Have

It’s Not Just a Different Language That Different Countries Have

It’s a given that different countries require different linguistics. When it comes to market research, we’ve got it covered with our market research translations, where native speakers of the country you’re targeting ensure your survey is localised. However, we also successfully deliver market research translations for a wide variety of specialist industries, too. Industry Specialisms…

View The Unknown Importance of Accuracy

The Unknown Importance of Accuracy

Having gained over 60 years’ combined experience working specifically in the market research field for translations, the TransTrans team know more than most the importance of accuracy and alignment when it comes to your translations. Your business could be made or broken on the quality of deliverables, the speed of response and the adherence to…

View Emojis – Translating pictures

Emojis – Translating pictures

With over two and a half thousand forms of Emojis being used with brands accounting for eight hundred and fourteen million uses in marketing, this new form of communication is fast becoming a rising trend globally. Language learning worldwide ordinarily comprises of four main areas of comprehension. Whether the linguist speaks a foreign tongue or…

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