View Emojis – Translating pictures

Emojis – Translating pictures

With over two and a half thousand forms of Emojis being used with brands accounting for eight hundred and fourteen million uses in marketing, this new form of communication is fast becoming a rising trend globally. Language learning worldwide ordinarily comprises of four main areas of comprehension. Whether the linguist speaks a foreign tongue or…

View Business Etiquette in France

Business Etiquette in France

With a population of approximately sixty-seven million citizens and within the top ten for world trade importing and exporting, France accounts for thirty-one of the top five hundred companies in international business. A strong industrial focus on the pharmaceutical, civil engineering and telecommunications industries, it is perfectly placed within the European Union to extend business in…

View Business Etiquette in Russia

Business Etiquette in Russia

With a population of over one hundred and forty-four million citizens and considered the largest country in the world by surface area, Russia’s economy stands within the top ten worldwide. Exports from Russia are predominantly in the field of Oil, natural Gas, metals and Timber, although fish supply has been a rising trade in the…

View Business Guide to South Africa

Business Guide to South Africa

Situated on the southern tip of the African continent, it is home to over fifty-five million people who speak eleven national languages. Business practice bears a very similar resemblance to western etiquette, however cultural observations vary between each locality. Approximately ten percent of all South Africa’s mother tongue languages is English whereby almost all corporate…

View Non-Verbal Language – The Unspoken Languages of the World

Non-Verbal Language – The Unspoken Languages of the World

Non-Verbal Language – Gestures and Signs Conducting business worldwide can be a complex mix of cultural understanding, language barriers and attention to personal detail. Sometimes the very best of linguists can become unstuck in an environment where they’ve understood the people and customs. The mistakes stem from a lack of in-depth cultural knowledge alongside a…

View Business Etiquette in China

Business Etiquette in China

With a population of over one billion people and a leading global economy in manufacturing, China is one of the largest trading organisations in the World. The Introduction Dressing for a business meeting is always a formal affair. Clothes should be conservative and the colour scheme subtle for the occasion. Revealing attire and high heels…

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