5 Mistranslations To Make You Smile

It shouldn’t go wrong, ever. But when it does, it seems to go spectacularly wrong for brands of all industries and sizes. We’d recommend that you sit back, relax and enjoy this linguistic guilty pleasure.

1. What are you giving a manicure to – a T-Rex?











2. An important, if obvious, lesson of driving.







3. Wait, which foods *can’t* guarantee not to cause pregnancy?!






4. Sure, we’re intrigued, but unless this sign is missing a ‘C’ and an ‘L’ at the beginning, we’re probably going to stick to Toni & Guy.









5. One can only assume dogging has a different and more innocent meaning in Germany.


So, while it’s essentially a business’ branding and message is eye-catching, you want it to catch the eye for the right reasons. While your name, branding or logo might hit the right mark at home, if you’re expanding abroad it’s essential you’ve done thorough research to ensure you’re not about to become a hilarious punchline or meme for years to come because you’ve not undertaken the proper checks when launching in a new country or region.

This world’s diversity is what makes marketing so very fascinating, and these differences are something that needs to be respected, especially when it comes to business. When you take time to understand this diversity, you show respect for other people’s cultures and therefore appeal to them much more than by assuming you know it all. If you do, they won’t just remember your brand, they’ll reward it with loyalty and, hopefully, their patronage.

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