The Precision of Languages and the Pitfalls of Inaccuracy


Business opportunities for networking have never been greater using online technology and diverse social media applications. Making the best impression from the first interaction through clever marketing or social discourse is vital in enhancing product coverage. A smart device will not provide a clear reading of your client’s body language and communication when doing business relies on conversation.


Sometimes an email is misconstrued through poor wording whilst commas in certain places may indicate discontent. An accurate message which fulfils all aspects of customer service is the difference between ongoing business and awkward silence. Language learning teaches us to articulate but unless you have an accredited level of interpretation you may not strike the right note. We clarify with our clients that we understand their needs by responding “ I hear what you are saying but..’ and ‘If I may be honest..’ Such comments may suggest that we reject our client’s views or we are being negative about their product.. An Academy of Executive coaching (AOEC) survey recently stated that 83% of those questioned preferred transparent language to constant reassurance.


When using an interpretation service that is face to face or over the telephone, we must ensure that intoned words we say in our native language are accurately reflected. Understanding client demands requires a strong degree of emotional intelligence in asking the right questions and acknowledging where we can work together to mutually enhance our businesses. The AOEC survey commented that hard sell techniques that were commonplace in boardrooms are more transparent and friendlier. One may speculate that the office tradition of wearing ties is declining as businesses mellow into less serious and positive interactions. As the corporate environment evolves, our communication methods should be more transparent yet remain professional.


Accredited linguists ensure a clear understanding of the verbatim and deliver an accurate reflection of the original statement. Current software cannot relay colloquialisms or idioms to any reasonable standard expected and has no knowledge of the subject matter which is imperative. Technological systems which relies on paradigms and electronically stored text will bear some fruit in the future, however the output will sound clunky and to some extent mechanical. The English phrase ‘I’m over the moon about your news’ explains how a direct sentence into French using online translation tools confuses some Francophones since this quintessential English idiom is not contextual.


Technology and linguistic systems will no doubt improve once speech recognition, sentence structure and contextual background are imposed. As vocabulary evolves in languages, updated translation software cannot compete with the immediate understanding that an informed linguist provides. Some companies may use in-house translators which have a varying degree of success alongside limited scope for diverse language combinations whereas others may issue a tender to inspire best value and competition amongst professional bodies. In essence the quality of the finished article and subsequent repeat business will be determined by precision.

Global Markets

Businesses globally need a link between them and their foreign market. This bond is normally formed from language services that introduce an aspiring organisation to their new clients. First impressions and local knowledge are important in providing a professional approach and cultural oversights could hinder the potential of a company to expand. As emerging linguistic software enhances our daily lives and we become more integrated with faceless technology, we must be concise and more transparent when our own body language can no longer consolidate our message. Innovation may soon provide competition to the industry, however the key to international commercial growth today rests with translation services who are invaluable to successful business development.

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