It’s Not Just a Different Language That Different Countries Have

It’s a given that different countries require different linguistics. When it comes to market research, we’ve got it covered with our market research translations, where native speakers of the country you’re targeting ensure your survey is localised. However, we also successfully deliver market research translations for a wide variety of specialist industries, too.

Industry Specialisms

Each of the industries we deliver market research for carry their own language within the language of the country they reside. The nuances and grammar are therefore doubly important. If you can’t talk the talk then they may doubt you can indeed walk the walk.

Some of the sectors we offer market research for are Insurance, Medical, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Banking, Oil & Gas and Leisure. Our linguists offer current expertise in these fields, always with human beings rather than the running of your data through a translation package, like some organisation do.

A picture of a gas station

Pharma Localisation

When it comes to pharma marketing, we make it as smooth a transition as we can. Successful localisation relies on one key factor: communication. Specifically, accurate communication. To fully align both with the organisation as well as the local market, it is essential that you are linguistically covered both locally and, as is more often the case than not with the sector, globally. Just like the pharma industry itself, there is no margin of error; and that is reflected in the service we provide.

A picture of test tube jars containing plant samples

Quality Assurance

We’re asking you to trust us with your business, and we know that can seem a lot to ask. Whilst we believe the evidence of our ongoing quality assurance is the trust and ongoing esteem afforded us by our clients have with us, we also ensure additional peace of mind with full indemnity cover up to £1 million for each and every proven claim.

Whatever the sector, if you’re looking for a good home for a translation project, you can’t do better than placing it with TransTrans – the market research specialists. Call us now.

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