The Unknown Importance of Accuracy

Having gained over 60 years’ combined experience working specifically in the market research field for translations, the TransTrans team know more than most the importance of accuracy and alignment when it comes to your translations.

Your business could be made or broken on the quality of deliverables, the speed of response and the adherence to a zero margin of error.

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Are Other Provider’s Translations as Accurate as Possible?

Well, to be honest, no. But we’re not sorry to be the bearer of these bad tidings.

That’s because there are a plethora of providers operating across Europe who have failed to invest in the right people and technology necessary to offer you the security you should expect from translations. Not only do TransTrans use linguists for the market research translations rather than machines, but we insist on employing only those with a perfect command of the required language, to mother tongue standard.

This combined with a team that have associated sector experience ensures both accuracy and flexibility, especially when it comes to nuances in language and business-centric colloquialisms.

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How to Check You’re Properly Covered

We recommend speaking directly with your service provider and asking the following questions:

  1. Software – does your provider support every single known market research survey software and platform? At TransTrans we pride ourselves on doing exactly that.
  2. SLA’s – Check your Service Level Agreement covers you for errors. If the sector demands complete accuracy and you are let down; what happens then? We offer watertight quality assurance.
  3. Team – is your current service solely reliant on software or do they have real humans with mother tongue standard of fluency? TransTrans employ only the best graduate linguists speaking languages at mother-tongue level.

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You only get one chance to make a first impression, and your reputation depends on making it the best first impression you possibly can. Don’t take any chances and talk to us now.

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